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Featured Bikes - Yamaha - FS1

607 1973 Yamaha FS1-E Fizzy Icon

1973 Yamaha FS1-E Fizzy

This FS1-E has just undergone a total nut and bolt professional restoration.

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423 1976 Yamaha FS1-DX FS1E FS1 Fizzy Fissy Kenny Roberts Competition Yellow Icon

1976 Yamaha FS1-E DX

Competition Yellow with Kenny Roberts Speedblocks.

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339 1973 yamaha fs1-e pedal model candy gold concours rebuild icon

1973 Yamaha Fs1-e Pedal Model Candy Gold Concours Rebuild

Found 18 months ago in a farm outhouse in North Yorkshire where it had lived, unloved for 36 years.

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336 1975 yamaha fs1e icon

1975 Yamaha fs1e

This Bike Is In Mint Show Room Condition Every Nut & Bolt Was Replaced.

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304 1976 yamaha fs1e fizzy icon

1976 Yamaha FS1E Fizzy

Excellent and very original condition with unmarked paintwork and rust free chrome.

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190 1975 yamaha fs1e icon

1975 Yamaha FS1E

Nut and bolt restoration to a good standard.

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96 1990 yamaha fs1 50 icon

1990 Yamaha FS1 50

Mileage: 1673

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19 1970 yamaha fs1 ss icon

1970 Yamaha FS1 SS

This lovely bike was restored with all original parts & paint work.

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