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1990 Yamaha FS1 50
(Featured on 4th May 2011)

Make: Yamaha
Model: FS1 50
Year: 1990
Mileage: 1673

Sellers original description:

Yamaha FS1 50 1990 model. Mileage 1673

This bike was owned by my friend. She'd had it sat in her garage since we were 16 when we used to ride together (back in 1998). Even back then it didn't get used very often hence the very low mileage which I believe to be genuine.

She purchased in from a dealer in Didcot who gave her all old mot's and service history which backed up the mileage.

Unfortunately her house was flooded in the bad storms in summer 07 and the paper work was lost.

Since then i've had it sat in my garage and now its time for someone to enjoy this lovely little Fizzy.

Its in great condition and with very little work it could be completely mint.

She starts and runs could do with a new battery and perhaps a little fiddling to get her ready for MOT.

I'm sure who ever buys this will know what to do.

Get yourself a great piece of the past !


1990 yamaha fs1 50 1

1990 yamaha fs1 50 2

1990 yamaha fs1 50 3

1990 yamaha fs1 50 4

1990 yamaha fs1 50 5

1990 yamaha fs1 50 front

1990 yamaha fs1 50 back

1990 yamaha fs1 50 speedometer

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