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1970 Yamaha FS1 SS
(Featured on 12th February 2011)

Make: Yamaha
Model: FS1
Year: 1970
Mileage: 9 (Restored) 12,000 (Before Restoration)

Sellers original description:

A real collectors bike, very rare.

Yamaha FS1 SS 1970 original 50cc 5-speed motorcycle.

This lovely bike was restored with all original parts & paint work.

Frame & engine numbers fs1-024295

Imported from Holland, originally from Austria

The bike and engine has had an original parts recondition comes with Yokohama tyres, original cafe racer seat and has the oil lube modification, this bike runs very well...

The mileage was 12,000 miles before restoration.

One point on the engine casing has been profesionally repaired.


1970 yamaha fs1 ss 1

1970 yamaha fs1 ss 2

1970 yamaha fs1 ss 3

1970 yamaha fs1 ss 4

1970 yamaha fs1 ss autolube closeup

1970 yamaha fs1 ss speedometer

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