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1953 MV Agusta 125 TEL
(Featured on 16th February 2011)

Make: MV Agusta
Model: 125 TEL
Year: 1953

Sellers original description:

1953 MV Agusta 125 TEL, ex display bike.

The bike was part of a large private collection from 1996 until earlier this year. The owner of the collection was a very well known collector and restorer of all classic and vintage vehicles including prestigous and rare cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Sadly the gentleman recently passed away and the MV was purchased when some of the collection was being sold off. The gentleman was well known for his perfect restorations and his vehicles always command high bids at auction, some of which have set records for the highest sale prices. Rest assured this motorbike follows the same trend. I am unsure if it was restored before or during his ownership, however he only bought restored vehicles that matched or beat his own standard.

It also starts, runs and will ride perfectly, if you so wish. You may however decide not to ride it and keep it for investment or display purposes as it will make a fantastic investment. Bikes like these are rising in value very fast, as with all classic and vintage vehicles. You will get a much better return from this for your money than sticking it in a bank! And probably safer too.

These little bikes are becoming exceedingly rare now, especially in this country.


1953 mv agusta 125 tel 1

1953 mv agusta 125 tel 2

1953 mv agusta 125 tel front

1953 mv agusta 125 tel tank

1953 mv agusta 125 tel engine 1

1953 mv agusta 125 tel engine 2

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