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1977 Lambretta GP150
(Featured on 31st March 2011)

Make: Lambretta
Model: GP150
Year: 1977
Mileage: 4 (Since restoration)

Sellers original description:

Beautiful 1977 Indian Lambretta Gp150 with a 175cc motor and 4 speed gearbox.

This stunning Lambretta GP 150 has just undergone a nut and bolt restoration, stripped to bare metal, prepared with rust resistant primer then standard epoxy, surfacer to base coat to clear coat in total 10 coats of paint, using all new original panels I had this painted in original Lambretta Biancospino white and is truly stunning doing complete justice to the Bertone styling house master piece.

The engine has entirely new components - all internals are new with a 175cc top end, the 4 speed gearbox again has all new internals, new kick start mechanism, new clutch, new ignition (electronic of course) and new Jetex carburettor.

Starts first time without using any choke and will return in excess of 110mpg!! The scooter has brand new 12v wiring and has a halogen front lamp. New wheel centres (drums) are painted in matching Lambretta Biancospino white and finished with new rims, shod with 10" Continental Sport tyres, of course the brakes are new as are the cables and all chrome being re-plated. The trim is all new and also complemented by an Ancilotti style race seat and matching bar grips.

It has done only 4 miles as a shakedown test - absolutely faultless and responsive even using part throttle (running in), in those 4 miles it turned many heads - it was a very proud 4 miles!!

This Lambretta GP150 never seen the rain and is stored in my carpetted garage.


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