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1993 Kawasaki KE100-B1
(Featured on 12th February 2011)

Make: Kawasaki
Model: KE100-B1
Year: 1993
Mileage: 109

Sellers original description:

Time capsule. This Kawasaki KE100 B11 is 'brand new', a one-off. Preserved for 18 years, only ridden for a couple of hours back in 1993 and dry stored ever since. The bike has an interesting history.

It is pointless to describe the condition of this bike because its basically brand new. Looks just like it came out of the box and must be the only KE100 left on the planet in this 'as new' un-restored condition. A genuine 109 miles on the clock. Still has the original owners handbook and various old documents.

It was supplied by Autorama Kawasaki in Batley, Yorkshire to the original owner who quickly decided biking was NOT for him.

This is a must for any trail bike fanatic or Kawasaki collector.


1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 1

1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 2

1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 3

1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 front

1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 closeup

1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 tank

1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 front wheel

1993 kawasaki ke100-b11 speedometer

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