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1988 Honda VFR750R-J (RC30)
(Featured on 4th May 2011)

Make: Honda
Model: VFR750R-J
Year: 1988

Sellers original description:

Imported from France in the year 2000 and owned by the same owner since. With original documentation from the Importer's and a Certificate from Classic Services to prove it's year of Manufacture. Matching frame and engine number's. The Speedo was changed at approx 1700 km (we have the doc's to prove this), and a new speedo fitted which shows 660 miles only. A few MOT's from 2001 -2007 to back up the low mileage. The mechanical condition of this bike is superb and the bodywork is extremely good also. Is an asset for anyone looking to purchase one of these Iconic machines and this is probably the nicest used RC30's around. Value's are going up year upon year and will be an Investment for the Future, that's for sure.


1988 honda vfr750r-j rc30 1

1988 honda vfr750r-j rc30 2

1988 honda vfr750r-j rc30 front

1988 honda vfr750r-j rc30 front wheel

1988 honda vfr750r-j rc30 rear wheel

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