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1997 Honda C90 Cub Red
(Featured on 20th March 2011)

Make: Honda
Model: C90
Year: 1997
Registration: R477 EVV
Mileage: 7656

Sellers original description:

The bike its only covered 7656miles and rides like a dream. The engine, brakes and gearbox all work perfectly.

It flew through its last MOT with no problems or advisories.

Starts first time every time.

The bodywork is in excellent condition with absolutly no rust what so ever. Its always kept in a garage and polished before every ride. The chrome exhaust and wheels polish up like new.

Only ever used in the dry and have never been caught out in the rain on it.

Old mirros replaced with some nice new shiny chrome ones, I think this improves the bikes appearance.

It costs about £3 to fill up and i can get about 100 miles out of it, its probably the cheapest way to get around nowadays !


1997 honda c90 cub red 1

1997 honda c90 cub red 2

1997 honda c90 cub red front

1997 honda c90 cub red back

1997 honda c90 cub red speedometer

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