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1984 Honda NV750 (VT750)
(Featured on 17th June 2011)

Make: Honda
Model: NV750
Year: 1984

Sellers original description:

1984 Honda NV750, the Japanese version of the VT750 Shadow 750, this may well be the best, most original NV / VT750, with the lowest genuine mileage available in the UK complete with the manufacturer’s tool kit.

The bike was originally imported from Japan in 1991 (hence the KM Speedo) and has done very little miles since, the mileage appears to be genuine there are a series of MOT certificates over the years including one for the year of import which support this. Basically the bike has been someone’s toy since it was brought over, it starts first time, runs really nicely, feels and rides like a 12 month old bike.


1984 honda nv750 1

1984 honda nv750 2

1984 honda nv750 3

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